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  • Surgical Protective Sleeve Covers
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Surgical Protective Sleeve Covers
  • 25DAYS
  • 50000PCS/DAYS

1. Can be used in laboratories, food factories, daily cleaning work, electronic products factory, etc.
2. Daily output of 20,000
3. The monthly sales volume is 100,000.

Surgical Protective Sleeve Covers

1. The raw material of the breathable film sleeve is composed of a plain non-woven fabric covered with a breathable film. It is made by sewing workers through sewing and sewing elastic bands. The conventional square weight is between 50~55g. This is the most suitable thickness for years of market research and feedback.

2. Sewing process We have a professional quality manager to control the density of the sewing and the stretching effect of the elastic band.

3. And our company has a needle detector to detect whether there is a broken needle in the product.

4. The gas permeable membrane material has waterproof performance and has a breathable effect. Although the ordinary PE sleeve has waterproof effect, it is used for a long time in cold weather, and there is water vapor condensation water between the sleeve and the inside clothes. However, the gas permeable membrane does not cause such a phenomenon after a long period of use and can be used for a long period of time. Especially suitable for food factories and daily cleaning work.

5. Can be customized according to customer requirements and weight.

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