• 1.Where can we use non-woven masks?

    1. Windproof, dustproof and warm isolation bacteria in daily life 2. Operating room, laboratory, guarantee cleaning and isolation 3. Electronics factory food factory, to ensure cleanliness

  • 2.Things to watch when wearing a mask. Correct use of the mask.

    (1) Wash hands before and after wearing a mask; (2) To make the mask close to the face: The color side of the mask is outward, and the side of the metal sheet is upward; 2 fasten the rope of the mask, or wrap the rubber band of the mask around the ear so that the mask is close to the face; 3 masks should cover the nose and mouth completely; 4 Press the metal piece on the mask along the sides of the bridge of the nose to make the mask close to the face. (3) After wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask to prevent the protection from being reduced. If you must touch the mask, wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching. (4) When removing the mask, try to avoid touching the outward part of the mask, as this part may have been contaminated with germs. (5) After taking off the mask, put it in a tape or paper bag and put it in a covered trash can. (6) The mask should be replaced at least once a day. If the mask is damaged or soiled, it should be replaced immediately.

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